Basic Classification Of Electronic Ballast

- Jan 11, 2019-

By installation mode:

(1) Stand-by

(2) inner-mounted

(3) Holistic type

By performance characteristics:

(1) Ordinary type, 0.6≥120%90%1.4~1.6 high frequency to make it small, light, has a power-saving function;

(2) high power factor H class, ≥0.9≤30%≤18%1.7~2.1 using passive filtering and abnormal protection;

(3) High performance Electronic ballast L class, ≥0.95≤20%≤10%1.4~1.7 has a perfect abnormal protection function, electromagnetic compatibility;

(4) Cost-effective electronic ballast L-class, ≥0.97≤10%≤5%1.4~1.7 integration technology and constant power circuit design, voltage fluctuation impact illumination is small; (5) Adjustable optical electronic ballast, ≥0.96≤10%≤5%≤1.7 using integrated technology and active variable frequency resonant technology.