Application Of Electronic Ballast

- Jan 11, 2019-

1, a drag one or one drag two light box dedicated electronic ballast is specially designed for outdoor light boxes, billboards.

Advantages have the following aspects:

1) The use of high safety insulation performance, waterproof and moisture-proof performance, ballast temperature rise low, will not affect the light box cloth or light box sheet due to heat and turn yellow.

2) Convenient:

A, can be plugged directly into the foot of the light pipe, no need to connect to the installation of wiring column;

b, the bottom of the ballast with sponge paste, can be pasted fixed ballast;

C, equipped with metal buckle, no lamp bracket can also be fixed lamp;

D, eliminate the trouble of frequent replacement of the starter.

2, a drag one or one drag two ordinary electronic ballast suitable for all kinds of ordinary lighting occasions lighting installation and replacement;

3, Ring lamp Electronic ballast is specially designed for ring lamps, it is suitable for installation in suction top lamps, such as home balcony lighting, walkway lighting, stair channel lighting and other public places lighting. 

4, Quartz germicidal lamp ballast is specially designed for 35w-60w low-pressure quartz germicidal lamp, with its use of the lower lamp life is long (4 times times the incandescent lamp) high brightness, constant color temperature, small size, can be used in shops, display windows, exhibition halls, jewelry stores, bars, museums,

Specialty lighting in general lighting or special areas at boutiques and so on.