Working principle of electronic ballast

- Jan 11, 2019-

Electronic ballast is a converter that converts frequency AC power supply into high frequency AC power supply, and its basic working principle is: Power supply through the RF interference (RFI) filter, full-wave rectifier and passive (or active) power factor calibrator (PPFC or APFC), into a DC supply. Through the DC/AC converter, the output 20k-100khz High frequency AC power supply, added to the LC series resonant circuit connected with the lamp heating filament, at the same time on the capacitor to produce resonant high pressure, added to the two ends of the lamp, but so that the lamp  "discharge " into the  "guide " state, and then into the luminous State,

At this time, high frequency inductance to limit the effect of increasing the current, to ensure that the lamp to obtain normal operation of the lamp voltage and lamp current, often add a variety of protection circuits, such as abnormal protection, surge voltage and current protection, temperature protection and so on.